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Global Business Outsourcing

Global outsourcing

Outsourcing consulting

Fully managing local business activities and maintaining competitiveness in all business processes requires a huge amount of money and human resources. The assistance of outside experts is indispensable for enhancing competitive strength when global business processes are centralized.

Consulting examples

・Selection/evaluation of processes to be outsourced
・Definition of the outsourcing mechanism and an overview of outsourcing operations
・Design of outsourcing procedures and selection/evaluation of vendors
・Definition and monitoring of outsourcing performance indicators and suggestions for performance improvement

Business process outsourcing

Making maximum use of the specialized skills and experience that we have cultivated to date, we go beyond simple operation management to provide “intelligent” outsourcing services based on a shared vision and a spirit of mutual benefit.

Outsourcing example
・Outsourcing of human resource hiring and development
Based on an understanding of the client’s human resource needs, corporate vision, and career tracks, we secure the optimum personnel from the global market, and acting as a member of the client organization we train and develop personnel who hold the same vision and values.
・Outsourcing of accounting and finance
Our experts support the client’s accounting and finance operations both locally and globally. In addition to reporting global business status against performance targets, we provide advice and suggestions for improving efficiency.
・Outsourcing of attendance, compensation, and benefit management
We provide support services for attendance management, compensation calculation, and benefit administration for local hires. We will also make proposals concerning the selection and assignment of appropriate personnel in light of the work content and volume.
・Outsourcing of IT management
We support the IT operations necessary for managing local business. This includes support for the operation of independent local systems and support for local operations following the implementation of global systems.

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