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Global Business Consulting

Global business consulting
Enhance local-process competitiveness
As a result of the international distribution of business functions, many cases can be found in which global integration alone has not enabled companies to optimize their operations. There are also many instances where major reform opportunities have been lost because of a lack of transparency in the operation management at individual sites.

We support efforts to optimize business process competitiveness from a global perspective while simultaneously making good use of the strengths that exist locally.

Competitiveness enhancement examples
Compression of the schedule for account closing
Accelerated product availability and delivery
Reduction of error/defect rates
Reduction of intermediate stock inventories
Reduction of indirect labor
Building of processes for defining and monitoring KPI
Acceleration of communication speed
Building of an organization geared to learning and knowledge sharing
Centralization of back office functions
Redefinition of quality from a customer perspective and creation of reform action plans
Improvement of employee morale
Building of safe, environmentally friendly business processes and guidance for the management of those processes
Create global competitive advantage
It is the backup provided by global competitive advantage that enables an organization to wield its local competitive strengths as a global company. We build the client a unique global business framework that generates synergies with local competitive strengths.

Competitive advantage creation examples
Creation, sharing, and propagation of a global management philosophy
Establishment of a monitoring process to reveal performance in a consistent manner across functions/regions
Establishment of portfolios by product/region
Global procurement
Shared services
Global cash management
Building of a distribution network
Planning and coordination of the production-sales pipeline
Planning and stimulation of global human resource development
Creation of product quality standards and safety/environmental standards
Nurture innovation capabilities
When a company depends on the acumen of certain specific individuals for its innovation, it can have a hard time responding quickly to the constantly changing global market environment. It is necessary to motivate all personnel to innovate by building structured innovation processes and implementing them in an organized manner.

Examples of innovation nurturing
Building of a system for evaluating and rewarding the results of innovation activities
Building of career-path-specific promotion evaluation indicators that promote innovation
Implementation of mechanisms for nurturing a culture of innovation

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