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Global Management Laboratory’s services cover the following three areas.

1. Human resource development for global business optimization

In order to outperform other global players, it is critical to wield human resources that are superior to those of your competitors. However, the traditional method of hiring and training international personnel is, by itself, inadequate. Companies today need a human resource development strategy that considers both local and global perspectives.

Based on global human resource development concepts that take both these perspectives into account, we provide a variety of services such as supporting the development of management and expert personnel effective worldwide and supporting the utilization of local personnel while developing of their ability to act autonomously.

・Learning services for developing standardizing work methodologies worldwide
・Learning services for international personnel
・Learning services for local personnel
・Learning services for professionals performing specific functions
・Learning services for global management personnel

2. Global business consulting

The true battleground for business is the local market. In order to come out on top globally, however, it is necessary to also maintain global competitive superiority while winning the local-market competition.

With a focus on the building of globally optimized business processes, we provide support for both strengthening local processes and creating global competitive advantage, and we also support the development of the innovation capabilities needed to handle the constant changes taking place in the competitive environment.

・Enhance local-process competitiveness
・Create global competitive advantage
・Nurture innovation capabilities

3. Global business outsourcing

An overemphasis on doing things in-house can make it difficult for a company to compete with global players. An important strategy for achieving competitive advantage is to actively utilize the knowledge of outside experts for operational functions other than those which represent the company’s own core competencies.

We support the preparation of global/local outsourcing plans and the selection and evaluation of vendors, and we also utilize our own specialized skills to provide outsourcing services.

・Outsourcing consulting
・Business process outsourcing

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