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Mission / Vision

Mission : Global optimization of client business

After going through a transition from local to global emphasis in business, the world has now entered an era in which companies are looking to achieve a global business optimization that balances both local and global perspectives.

By creating globally optimized business processes and enhancing the management and human-resource capabilities of companies operating on the world stage, Global Management Laboratory is supporting the growth of global organizations whose operations contribute to world peace and prosperity.

Vision : Enhance three types of client competitiveness

Strengthen local competitiveness

It is only by repeatedly winning local battles that a company can come out on top in global competition. We support the strengthening of local competitiveness by increasing local operation efficiency and developing local human resources.

Create global competitive advantage

In order to dominate the local competition, local management must be supported by globally optimized business processes. Utilizing experience and knowledge gained in consulting work at numerous global companies, we support the creation of global competitive advantage by building globally optimized business processes and developing global human resources.

Strengthen competitiveness based on continuous innovation

To sustain global competitive advantage, it is critical for business-process-specific global teams to respond to the ever-changing world situation by generating continuous innovation that polishes the organization’s competitive strengths. In order to maintain global optimization and sustain competitive superiority, we actively foster the ability of our clients to stimulate nonstop innovation.

Core Values : The principles that guide our actions

Wisdom and perspiration

We donユt stop at provide planning and knowledge. We are committed to working with the client to actually achieve globally optimized business.

Working together with the client

We view our clients as business partners and we continue to work closely with them, providing support long term until goals are achieved.

Creation of global human resources

We continuously invest in human resources so that we can create the best team for achieving client goals.

Respect for differences

We respect the many differences that exist in the world, honoring different ways of thinking and different national cultures.

Honesty, integrity, enthusiasm

We address problems straightforwardly and without bias, acting with honesty and enthusiasm and the strength of our convictions.

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